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Module 1

The lymphatic system and lymphoedema: introduction and exercise intervention

This module can be taken as part of the training as a Tripudio instructor or as CPD by lymphoedema therapists, occupational or physiotherapists as well as movement therapists and exercise instructors who wish to include elements of Tripudio into their work. Other complementary therapists who work on a one-on-one basis with clients may also benefit from this training. This may include massage or aromatherapists as well as beauty therapists, for example. Those affected by lymphoedema may also be interested to join this course to teach them how to manage their condition.

Exam: practical assessment of the lymphatic exercises. A written, open book exam to be taken at home answering questions on the material studied, a further home assessment consisting of explaining and teaching the lymphatic warm-up to one person with a brief report.

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