Tripudio Movement Systems
Fun Fitness for Rehabilitation and Health


Tripudio Movement Systems was developed by a MLD therapist and Yoga teacher and a Pilates instructor and former university lecturer. They have many years experience of working in hospices, the UK National Health Service and teaching exercise and movement for rehabilitation and fitness. Both have run successful CPD courses, taught instructors and have taught in higher and further education.

Kat Hesse: As a Pilates, Yoga and Somatics teacher, Kat enjoyed the challenge of co-developing and delivering a programme that would give movement teachers an understanding of the lymphatic system and post-operative scar tissue.

Kat has now returned to concentrating more on her somatics, Yoga and Pilates work and is no longer involved with qualifying Tripudio Movement System teachers. She is teaching open classes and one-on-one sessions in Suffolk and London.

Kat has also developed a range of CPD workshops which might be of interest to fully qualified movement instructors. Of particular interest might be her workshops on ligaments and her workshop on stress.

If you are interested in booking a session with Kat or in her CPD workshops, please contact her through her website

Julia Williams: A yoga instructor, former senior Lebed Method trainer and tutor in higher and adult education in the area of health and wellbeing, Julia is a Leduc MLD therapist and also has her own clinic for MLD and complementary therapies. Julia has also run her own school of movement and dance for both adults and children.

Julia has been developing programmes for cancer and hospice care for many years but felt the need for more in depth study and education particularly on the lymphatic system and the body's fluid systems.

Julia has been training health professionals for several years and together with Kat has developed this new and exciting programme which is designed especially to meet the UK and European healthcare needs, for both clients and healthcare professionals.

Julia has been working within the NHS and hospice care for 15 years and has also developed services for other healthcare services. She holds a CertED and teaches students in diploma level courses in complementary therapies as well as CPD for professional therapists.

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