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Working your lymphatic system

Why is lymph so important?

The lymphatic system is part of our immune system and of our “fluid system” that also includes blood and interstitial fluid. We are made up of between 50 and 90% fluid, depending on our age and health. Fluids in our body transport nutrients to our cells and remove metabolic waste from the cells. Poor circulation of blood or lymph will affect our overall wellbeing and health. It is therefore vital for all of us to keep our fluids moving smoothly.

Whilst blood is moved by the heart, lymph only moves by inertia, that is, movement of the connective tissue through massage, exercise or breathing. Movement in lymphatic failure is thought to be beneficial as it may increase uptake of lymph by the initial lymphatics, increase the pumping action of the lymphatics and empty the venous system.

Walking, swimming and dancing are great exercises for the lymphatic system – although anyone with a compromised lymphatic system or lymphoedema should avoid excess even of these. Some types of exercise may be contra-indicated in lymphoedema as they may overload the venous system and may therefore increase swelling. So it is vital to choose the correct form of exercise and prepare the lymphatic system before undertaking any form of exercise. In Tripudio we teach a specific warm-up and cool-down sequence that follows the protocol of Leduc lymphatic drainage.

Our training teaches the lymphatic system and exercises for the lymphatic system.

Although lymphoedema and restricted lymph flow has many causes, many people in the West are affected by it after cancer treatment, through restricted mobility, pregnancy or age. Our training will look closer at these individual patient groups and their particular needs.

What is lymphoedema?

The swelling of a body part due to the restricted flow of lymph in the affected area.